Weekly Pickems Open!

Week 2's Weekly Pickem Challenge is now open! Each week, we will post a form to predict the results of every Tranquility Match. You earn 2 points for predicting the winner of the match, and 1 additional point for picking the score correctly for the match. Top scores at the end of Stage 1, Stage 2, and Overall winners will receive prizes! In addition, the predictions scores will be discussed and revealed in our weekly streamed content!

Week 2's Predictions can be found here! https://forms.gle/Q1zTA5dUpZVU4g3h9

Correct winners chosen earn 2 points, while picking the correct score will earn an additional point. Matches which are Forfeit will earn 0 points regardless of the winner. All matches are FIRST TO 3, so make sure to pick an actual score that would win a game. (I.E., don't pick 2-1 as the winner's score, you'll get 0 points) Predictions close on Monday at 8:29 PM EST, so make sure to submit your picks before then!

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Our weekly giveaways will be returning, but with a twist! In addition to the opportunity to earn a shirt/item of choice from the Tranquility Store, you can choose to replace that with a giftcard for Amazon or a similar service ($25 in value, sometimes higher depending on the week). We will be doing one giveaway per week minimum.

How do you enter these giveaways? By tuning in and watching Tranquility Gaming content! You earn channel points by watching on our official Twitch Channel, and you can use those points to enter the giveaways. 1000 points gets you one entry. If you have the stream open for every broadcast (you don't even need to actively watch if you want), you will earn a minimum of 3-4 entries per week for the giveaways!

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Editors Needed!

Tranquility is looking for volunteer editors who would be willing to help edit weekly montages for our content! If interested, please contact misteryeti on Discord.

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Production Staff Recruiting

Looking to get into esports broadcasting?

Boy, do we have an opportunity for you!

The Tranquility Gaming Twitch Team is urgently recruiting new Producers and Observers for our upcoming season 11 broadcasts.

No experience? No problem! We'll get you trained by some of the greatest prod minds the T2-T3 Overwatch has to offer!


Ask some of our current/previous homegrown talent.

Door (Full Time World famous Contenders caster)

Juke (Full Time Gigabrain production specialist - founder of OrbWalker media)

Hippy (Full Time Auxillary prod creative mastermind - NACL Replay Operator extraordinaire)

KWing (T2/3 Casting Legend)

UserIntel (Also T2/3 Casting Legend, Video Editing expert)

And many, many more

Apply Today!

GO GO GO https://tranquility.gg/twitchproducer


Don't hesitate to reach out to @ModMail or LaggySon directly!

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